Star wines from our star vineyards

The Ethos

Alpha Crucis is the brightest of the five stars in the Southern Cross constellation, the most prominent constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Alpha Crucis wines are the stars of our vineyards. They reflect a sense of place and our efforts in the vineyard and winery. We only release Alpha Crucis wines in years that satisfy our uncompromising principles of quality and varietal integrity.

The Southern Cross

Australians have a cultural connection with the Southern Cross constellation. Its importance is reflected in national verse, prose, art and, most notably, on the nation's flag. This connection is shared across the Southern Hemisphere, with the constellation appearing on the flags of New Zealand, Brazil and Samoa and in the carvings of Machu Picchu, Peru.

The Southern Cross (or Crucis) constellation comprises five stars in a cross-like formation, each identified by their relative brightness. The brightest star is given the first letter of the Greek Alphabet – Alpha – abbreviated on star maps with the α symbol. Alpha Crucis is the bottom (or most southern) star of the Southern Cross.