Chalk Hill goes (Honey) Bang Bang

We've tasked the legends at Honey Bang Bang to cook a dish that pairs with our 2020 Chalk Hill Tempranillo Grenache and we've got the recipe here for you! Serve this one up for your friends and family, they'll crown you MasterChef.

Honey Bang Bang’s Lamb Cutlets

What you need:

6 – 8 good quality lamb cutlets from your local butcher

For the marinate:

100ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 x large garlic cloves grated

1cm knob of ginger peeled & grated

1/2 x tablespoon good quality salt                           

1 x tablespoon Turmeric.                 

1 x tablespoon of Fenu greek leaves*         

1 ½ x tablespoon Cumin powder        

2 ½ x tablespoon Coriander powder  

1 x tablespoon Fennel powder        

¼ x teaspoon Black pepper powder   

¼ x teaspoon red chilli powder  

½ x cup natural Greek yoghurt

2ml x mustard oil*

Time to cook:

Place all ingredients into a bowl and whisk to combine

Add your lamb cutlets and make sure the marinade is rubbed into each piece

Best left overnight or 2 hours before cooking

Cook your lamb as per your normal liking on a high heat, we've grilled straight onto the flame. Serve with a fresh garden salad. Pour yourself a generous glass of 2020 Chalk Hill Tempranillo Grenache and enjoy!


*Fenu greek also called Methi leaves - available at an Indian grocer

*Mustard oil – available at an Indian grocer