Some of you may remember the great Chardonnay craze of the late 80's and early 90's - with heavily oaked Chardonnays as big and bold as the hair and shoulder pads. Thankfully, Chardonnay today is made very differently, with winemakers leaning towards less oak, and using crisp, fresh and brighter fruit. Resulting in beautifully elegant wines with a crisp and minerally finish. It's no surprise that the popularity of Chardonnay has rocketed - especially with the Hipsters! 

The nearby Adelaide Hills provide the ultimate growing conditions for Chardonnay, cool nights and a higher altitude ensure that the region produces premium quality fruit. A vibrant and fresh Chardonnay, Chalk Hill Luna Chardonnay has a bright fruit driven palate with stone fruit and citrus blossom flavours. Perfectly paired with a grilled peach and chicken salad. 

Get yours quick - before the hipsters do!